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‘The Neck Of Giraffe’- Ravichandran C | ‘ജിറാഫിന്റെ കഴുത്ത് ‘- രവിചന്ദ്രന്‍ സി

December 13, 2016

'The Neck Of Giraffe'- Ravichandran C
'ജിറാഫിന്റെ കഴുത്ത് '- രവിചന്ദ്രന്‍ സി 

This is the audio version of the speech done by noted Malayalam author and freethinker Ravichandran C at the Department of Statistics, Cusat, Cochin, Kerala at 5 pm on 6.12.16.  The giraffe's long neck can reach more than 7 feet in length, which means it makes up nearly half of its overall height. Just like humans, giraffes have seven vertebrae in their necks, but theirs — unlike ours — can each be over 10 inches long. There are a couple of theories about why giraffes have such long necks. Some scientists believe it's simply a matter of natural selection. Giraffes fight by beating each other with their heads and necks. Ravichandran also talked about the recurrent Laryngeal nerve of Giraffe to explain the modus operandi of evolution by natural selection which is blind, purposeless and sans design or direction.

Video is available at esSENSE Youtube Channel