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Is Astrology Exploitation (Debate) Ravichandran.C Vs N.K Namboothiri

February 10, 2017

Is Astrology Exploitation (Debate) Ravichandran.C Vs N.K Namboothiri. 


This debate on the validity of Astrology was conducted by esSENSE, Kollam at 10 am on 1.1.2017 at Public Library Hall, Kollam. Ravichandran C, a noted Malayalam author and freethinker in Kerala argued that Astrology is sheer exploitation and waste of time based on pure religious imagination and pseudo-scientific claims. He calls it a crime punishable by law in India, though the law is not implemented properly. There is a marked difference between astronomy and astrology. Astrologist borrowed the script provided by sky readers of the past to predict the future of human beings. Ravichandran says that such predictions can be done by use any thing. Palm, numbers, letters, betel leaf or even butts of people instead of zodiac signs! N.K Namboothiri, being himself an astrologer, claims that astrology is a divine science based on the revelations of old saints which is quite difficult to explain in limited time period of a debate. He also argues that astrology is true and scientific but very difficult to explain to the laymen. The debate was moderated by Mr Abhilash Sreedharan