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Category: Education

esSENSE aspires to be the premier rationalist platform in India. We bring together rationalist speakers, writers, thinkers, activists, supporters, and well-wishers, with the goal of promoting rationalism and freethinking in Kerala and in the larger global environment. Visit our website https://www.essense.club . This podcast is available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms

ഭീകരതക്ക് മതമുണ്ടോ ? E.A.Jabbar speaking at Wandoor, Malappuram

October 19, 2016
ഭീകരതക്ക് മതമുണ്ടോ ?  മതത്തിനു ഭീകരതയുണ്ടോ ?- ഇ എ ജബ്ബാർ 
Does religion cause terrorism? - E.A.Jabbar speaking at Wandoor, Malappuram, Kerala, India
25 September 2016
Seminar Organiser: Yukthivadi Sangham Wandoor Aream Committee