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ആദാമിന്‍റെ പൊക്കിള്‍ (The Navel of Adam) - Ravichandran.C

July 25, 2017

This is the audio version of a presentation done by noted author Ravichandran C at Brothers Auditorium, Alleppey, Kerala on 10th June 2017 at 10 am on the evolution of human beings. This event was conducted by the District Committee of Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishath.

Here, Ravichandran, who translated the Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins into Malayalam (Bhoomiyile Ettavum Mahathaya Drishya Vismayam/DC, Books, Kottayam, 2012) examines the claims of biblical creationism in the backdrop of the theory of Evolution by means of Natural selection.