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ഭക്തി = ഭൗതികാസക്തി | Piety Is Material Addiction - Ravichandran.C

ഭക്തി = ഭൗതികാസക്തി | Piety Is Material Addiction - Ravichandran.C 

This is the audio version of the presentation done by noted writer Ravichandran C ( at Valancherry, Malappuram dist, Kerala, India.

The event held at Co-operative Bank Auditorium, Valancherry at @ pm on 14.5.2017 was conducted by 'Manava Swathanthra Chintha Vedhi'.

Here the speaker states that the religious craze of those who pose to be pious and claim to know and feel what others can not, is, in reality, shameless begging for material benefits and over indulgence craving for personal aggrandizement @ 24x7. He terms the so called spiritualists as defeated believers who are worse than religious zealots.



മനുഷ്യന്‍ എങ്ങനെ വിശ്വാസിയായി ? - Raju Vadanappally

This was the presentation by Shri.Raju Vadanappally. Here he talks about the causes of evolution which leads a man 'believer'. The program was organised by 'Manavam Swathanthra Chintha Vedhi' on 14/05/2017 at Valancherry, Tirur, Malappuram, Kerala.


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പ്രേതങ്ങളുടെ മാസ്മരിക ലോകം.

Dr. Robin Acharya on paranormal activities,Ghosts and haunted houses.


പരന്ന ഭൂമി (Flat Earth) - Vaishakan Thampi

Speech by Vaishakan Thampi on the topic 'Flat Earth' .
The two day Programme named 'Charvakam 2017' Organised by 'Yukthivadha Padana Kendram' on 20/05/2017 & 21/05/2017 at Town Hall, Ernakulam, Kerala


ഇടതുപക്ഷം ഹൃദയപക്ഷം - Dr.Retheesh Krishnan

Dr.Retheesh Krishnan here talks about the bird's eye view of the origins or asymmetry in human body, and discusses why heart is more towards left of the human body in majority of the case. The two day programme named 'Charvakam2017' organised by 'Yukthivadha Padna Kendram' on 20/05/2017 & 21/05/2017 at Town Hall, Ernakulam, Kerala


Talk with Ravichandran C

Ravichandran C in conversation with the public during 'Charvakam 2017' organised by 'Yukthivadha Padana Kendram" on 21/05/2017 at Town Hall , Ernakulam, kerala


Dr.Augustus Morris Speaking Part 4

Dr.Augustus Morris Speaking in UAE Part 4.

This is the recording of special news by one of the leading FM channel in UAE.

Interview of Dr. Agustus Morris.